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After airing for several years the book based teenage mystery series “Shadowhunters”, recently found an rather abrupt end after Showrunner Netflix decided to cancel it back in 2018. The show first aired in January 2016 and finished three seasons of adventures later in May 2019. Sadly a fourth season was already planned and written, so the ending of season three was just modified to close the series after its cancellation was announced which gave the show a rather unsatisfying end. The show was never perfect (especially editing wise) as demons sometimes were just staff members in cheap costumes, not to mention a lot of cutting errors and a screen mistakes almost every time someone uses their phone (like already being in the call while the phone is still on ringing screen etc but most series can’t seem to figure out phones). Still over the years it has built a big community of fans by just staying connected to the fans and loving the characters maybe even more than their biggest fans. So did the actors which were really devastated during the interviews concerning final season. With being a gay couple centered show they set an example for the next generation.They also did a lot for youth charity, so it’s no surprise that even after the show airing its last episode the #saveshadowhunters campaign still lives on and grows even bigger. But yet everything the community did, including renting a plane to fly a banner over Netflix headquarters, does not show any impact. Through over 50 episodes main character Clary was introduced to the to her until then unknown shadow world which she started to love just as much as her later boyfriend and somehow (ex)-brother Jace. After the airing of the final episode the fans are divided between it being absolutely perfect and absolutely horrible. But why is that?

Spoilers ahead since discussing it, is describing it first: After one last adventure to save yet another friend(again… since someone always needs saving) the main character is told that if she uses her power to make up runes again the angels will take away her memory of the shadow world but since there’s no other way to defeat her now demon brother she kills him through a rune and says her final goodbye to her friends at the “Malec-Wedding,” writing a letter to  her boyfriend Jace explaining the situation (the letter, you see, doesn’t actually show what’s spoken though so if he had just read the letter he actually would have no clue of what’s going on). After a year of everything changing but also going back to normal again we see the characters and how their life has developed. Yet Jace hasn’t found a way to move on from losing his love. So he’s going after her while being glamoured (basically being invisible to everyone who doesn’t have the second sight, meaning everyone mundane/human)not expecting her to suddenly be able to see him (AN: That’s where it starts to get weird.. Like: he’s been going after her for over a year yet she’s never seen him? A normal person would feel watched or stalked… this could be explained by the angels showing some sort of mercy by giving her (at least) the second sight back after a year but we don’t know) so  after realizing that she’s able to see him he just runs away in shock- but she keeps following him outside where they have a talk which is similar to their first conversation they had in episode one. So while yet another song of Ruelle (who composed many songs for the series) is playing, the show ends with Jace being happy that Clary seemingly remembers him. Short: through all of this their love survived. This made a lot of fans really happy although the general situation was rather sad still others were disappointed because basically the whole series was unnecessary since she doesn’t remember anything of it in the end. We don’t know if she’d get her memories back or she be reintroduced to the shadow world. It’s an open end which shows the strength of their love but way too many questions are left unanswered like: How are the others dealing with it? What if Clary accidentally walks into Simon one day? How’s Izzy after losing her almost parabatai? Can Clary see the institute again? Could Magnus bring back her memories like they tried before? There are simply too many questions left unanswered. But what doesn’t make sense is the situation in general(while completely ignoring the end of the books) : After losing her last rune Clary finds herself standing in front of the institute which she can’t properly see anymore. So she’s suddenly standing somewhere  in New York crying with no clue of what is going on. How does she actually explain to herself or anyone that she’s lost her mom, step dad, best friend, apartment

and many more things without knowing what really has happened to them? She has no home, no money… basically she has nothing. Also her art university liked her for her paintings of demons and shadow creatures which she cant remember anymore. So after not going to university for quite a while and losing everything she just moves on and lives a normal live as a student without having anything? Yes she’s saying that she has a feeling that she’s missing something in her life but apart from that she’s fine.

Of course there can be many explanations to that but since it is not explained explicitly the viewer is just left alone with way too many questions. So that aside from the bittersweet ending which satisfies some people and makes others angry we can just hope that at least some questions are getting answered during press events in the next month. I for myself was really disappointed when first watching the ending. But after thinking about it a lot, I can understand the writer’s decisions and think it was the best thing they could have done to once again show their love for the characters and appreciate them one more time. So all we can do now is say hail and farewell to the show and see what might come next for the actors but also the now large community which calls itself a family by now.

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